Edward Marks and Susana Fuertes

Edward Markswas born in Edinburgh (Scotland) and raised near Brighton in the south of England. He moved to Spain in 1997 after graduating from Newcastle University (UK) and the Institut d’Etudes Politiques (Aix en Provence, France) to begin his teaching career.

He has worked in various schools and academies in and around Madrid, teaching children and adults. Throughout his teaching career he has always experimented with music, theatre and artistic expression as a way to capture the attention and enthusiasm of students and as a way to facilitate the learning process. He has also worked extensively with the Ayuntamiento de Madrid in the organisation of cultural events such as jazz festivals, children’s theatre and puppet festivals.

Other current projects include writing children's stories and composing songs for various publishing houses, and working as a teacher trainer, specialising in methods of teaching art through English and English through art.

The creation of theBuilding English workshopin 2005 came about as a result of 15 years investigating alternative methods of teaching and looking for ways to integrate fun, music and culture into language learning. Since then it has grown steadily, but will always remain very personalised, allowing each student to be given the necessary attention and support throughout the language learning process.

Susana Fuertes is the co-teacher in the Building English Summer Workshops, specialising in the planning, investigation, development and realisation of monograhic workshops and the ‘Country House’ summer camp. Susana has been collaborating with Building English since its beginning nearly six years ago. She brings her in-depth knowledge of children’s literature (having co-run the 2007 Culture Award winning bookshop La Mar de Letras), her impeccable English (years of study and travel in the UK) and her experience as a teacher of young children (Colegio Arcadia, Primary school teacher).

The groups are divided into three categories: Playing (2-3 years old), Creating (3-7 years old), and Building (7-11 years old) based on age, not ability. As our method is focused on learning English through activities, it is vital that the activities are adapted to the developmental stages of childhood so that they are relevant to the interests and capabilities of the students, and relevant to the ‘world’ in which they live. Please explore the site a little to see photos, videos and music of the Building English workshops!

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