Building: 7-14 years

Stage 3 – BUILDING: for children from 7 to 14 years old

In this stage the students learn to ‘build’ their own English. Continuing with the use of stories, theatre, role play and art projects, we look at creating the possibility for more complex dialogue and interaction in English, with more focus on the structure of the language. We play with words as before we played with building bricks. The students tell stories as opposed to being told them. There is a big focus on the use of multimedia in this stage, such as recording voices and songs, or creating film projects.

Students can choose to prepare for the Trinity College spoken exam if they wish to, although the emphasis of learning remains based on the process rather than aiming for a particular goal. Students who go to the exam achieve excellent results as they tend to have great self confidence when using English, thanks to the Building English approach.

Prices and times

48€ / month (one hour workshop, once a week)

80€ / month (one hour workshop, twice a week)

Building English 2018