Creating: 4-8 years

Stage 2 – CREATING: for children from 4 to 8 years old

At this age children start developing a finer hand when it comes to artistic expression, and can apply their imagination to theatre. So together with the stories, games and music and movement we do a lot of creative activities, working with new and interesting materials. Theatre plays a big role in this stage as the children are encouraged to reproduce as much language as they can and use it as much as possible in the class. The key is to make the children confident at experimenting with the language as they experiment in other activities. We often record songs and make short movies so the students can watch them at home or show their friends and parents. From a teaching point of view they are excellent for guidance and correction in the language learning process


38€ / month (45 minute workshop per week)

48€ / month (one hour workshop per week)

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